The art of bullfighting


Bullfighting Festival is an art form in itself, is part of the culture, common historical and cultural heritage of our country, and therefore is a sign of our collective identity.

Today, the cultural character of Bullfighting Festival is indisputable. This cultural aspect must be preserved as a treasure of our own country, rich in different cultures, with bullfighting culture common denominator of all. That specific cultural event was even (which is not without significance) exported to other countries that develop, promote and protect.

Bullfighting is an art form detached from ideologies, which profoundly human values are highlighted, as may be the intelligence, courage, aesthetics, solidarity, or reasoning as a way of controlling brute force.

All this has allowed the playwright Albert Boadella states that “… the bullfighting ceremony today is an exception, because this unusual event has remained the oldest in the Western world pagan rite, but with the unique feature that maintains a force, that is,It has not been perverted into folklore. The modern settlement of the bulls is the result of a people … who has managed to preserve the ancestral rite by the wise resistance to the onslaught of fashion “.

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The days at TauroTurismo, offer in Brihuega, Guadalajara, a unique experience in the art of bullfighting.

We invite you to discover the essence of bullfighting culture through a day in which you will feel the real passion and art of bullfighting.


TauroTurismo - Turismo taurino - Toros - Ganadería

Enjoy the fascinating bull bravura in the countryside; a beautiful animal in its natural environment, surrounded by beautiful landscapes, cattle raising “Campo Bravo Alcarreño”.



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