TauroTurismo, bullfighting tourism


Passion and art of bullfighting

Cultural tourism in close conjunction with the bullfighting art


TauroTurismo makes a new and original proposal, with the intention of offering cultural tourism in close conjunction with the bullfighting art.

Focused on amateur public anywhere in the world you are attracted to know the true passion and the art of bullfighting and its most basic fundamentals.

TauroTurismo - Turismo taurino - Toros - JaimeyTorero The program includes:

  • A guided tour of Brihuega.
  • A chat with basic knowledge about bullfighting.
  • A session of bullfighting games in the bullring in Torija.
  • Visit to livestock Alcarreño Campo Bravo, located 5 kilometers from Brihuega (except Conferences Bullfighting evening).

The service is provided for groups of tourists in Torija and Brihuega (Guadalajara), monumental towns of great beauty, with a long and proven bullfighting tradition where Bullfighting Conference will be held, with the possibility of including:

  • A cultural visit
  • A food tasting (lunch or dinner)
  • The accommodation at various boutique accommodation.


Jaime Leceta Martínez. Manager Tauroturismo


Jaime is the entrepreneur who has gestated and developed this attractive project and in charge of the talks on bullfighting to be taught in each of the Bullfighting Conference.

He graduated in law, Mayor Brihuega from 1995-2007, was the first to employ the organization of the Spring Run Brihuega, famous bullfights in Spain, which attracts every year thousands of people. It fell to preside for 12 years Spring Run, urban closures, closures in the field Brihuega, contests trimmers and the herd of their Patron.

His extensive experience in the bullfighting world endorse this conference, with great success and satisfaction, have been taking place for several years.


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